Add a dimension after measures in a table


I have information for sales, margin and gross margin for each day. I also have columns that specify wether today’s date, or last years date was a festive day or not (as seen on the first table). I want to add this information to the table in the bottom, but when I add these two columns (Festivo TY, Festivo LY) as a dimension, it adds a partition to the dataset, and the periodOverPeriodDifference function calculating “Ventas VP%” (last years sales) turns to 0s. Is there a way to add these dimensions to the table without it adding a partition?

Thanks in advance

Hello @Isabel_Navarro, when you say add them to the table without adding a partition what exactly are you referring to? I might be thinking about the wrong thing, but if you do not want to include the date fields that you are using, you can select to hide that column from your visual then filter by your calculated fields to exclude nulls. That might be the solution you are looking for.

It’s just that when I add these columns as dimensions, the periodOverPeriodDifference column turns to 0. I am assuming is it because it is taking into account these columns as partition, meaning the function will look for last years date when those Festive days were the same, but they wont be the same, they change over the years.

Sorry I am not so sure how to explain this :rofl:


Hello @Isabel_Navarro, this does seem kind of confusing but I appreciate you trying to explain it further. So is the point of the function that you are trying to display a column that will determine if that specific day on the row level was a holiday last year?

Hello @Isabel_Navarro, if you are still struggling to find a solution to this question follow-up with the previous question I asked and I can try to assist. If I do not hear back in the next day or 2, I can archive this for now and you can post a fresh topic with information so you can be back at top priority for our response list.

You can archive it! Thank you Dylan.

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