Add time from start date to end date from calculated field in custom insight

Hello, I’m finding a way to add time that i calculated from calculated field into custom insight but i only could add one to the field. I’m comparing the duration of this time to the previous one like Startdate to Enddate and Previous startDate to Previous endDate.
Note: Previous startDate isn’t a parameter, it’s calculated from startdate parameter

Thanks a lot !

You can only add one time field to an insight.

Have you tried combining the logic into one calculated field or will that not work?

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it definitely won’t work if i combine them into one calculated field.

This period: Start date to End date. Last period: Last start date to Last end date. Last update: …
You see? I need many timestamps. I think there’s still a way to do it without having to combine them

Hello @thecuon119,

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