Add Visuals using QuickSight APIs for Paginated Reports

Hi Team,

I have to create a paginated report, I have some predefined questions that is configured on my web-application. So when someone wants to create a new report we need to use the predefined questions which are configured and create the report.

If suppose there are 2 questions configured and the generated report should have 20 questions, if we change the configurations to have 25 questions then the new reports should have 25 questions.

So I though may be we can use the API to create the Paginated Report! as part of it I was looking at the documentation, but I dont see any API to create the visual through API.

In my case what can be done? Is this possible with QuickSight?

Yes you can with these new APIs.

With create analysis, for a paginated reports you will need to specify the SheetContentType: “PAGINATED” and other features.

I would suggest creating a paginated report and then describing the analysis for the skeleton.


Thanks so much @Max!
I will try this!

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Thanks @Max! @kodimalar.sakthivel Hope this solution works for you! Please keep us posted on whether it does. If so, we’d love it if you could mark his reply as “Solution” (check box under the reply)–which will help community members with similar questions! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@Max , I got a doubt here, we are mentioning the sheetContentType which is Paginated Report, that is fine. Once this is done, lets say I want to add a BarChart, how can I do that through the API?

I create APIs to CreateAnalysis but that has got the overall info for creating a complee analysis, CreateAnalysis - Amazon QuickSight!
but i want to add some visuals, custom components etc,.

You would need to alter the json and then create an analysis with the new json.

There is no API to create a visual.

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Thanks got it! I will try this!

Thank you so much Max!

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