Adding calculation

Hi Everyone,

I’m really struggling to add a CAGR calculation, it brings back the sum of 2026YR only when I compute; sum({2026 YR})/sum({2021 YR})^(1/5)-1. If add brackets on the division sum I get zero.
Please help.
Thank you

Hi @Tshego1 -

Thanks for bringing this up here. Since you are using (1/5) and both 1 and 5 are integers, it forces the computation result to also be an integer.

As a workaround you can use

sum({2026 YR})/sum({2021 YR})^(1.0/5)-1


sum({2026 YR})/sum({2021 YR})^(.2)-1

I used this formula but it is not working (Check image)

My original statement : ({YTD 2022}/{YTD 2020})^(1.0/2)-1