Alerts on windowAvg calculated field

I’m using the “windowAvg” function for a calculated field in a dashboard. The data field does not give an option to set an alert. I am using the line chart widget. I have published the dashboard.

Is it possible to set an alert with the “windowAvg” function? If not, could someone recommend an alternative methodology to get an alert when the 7 day moving average crosses a predetermined threshold?

Thank you!

Hey @Matthew_Whalen ,

i think you can not create an alarm on a line chart:
Working with threshold alerts in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight maybe the documentation can help you.
But in a different visualization like a table or a kpi it should work.
I tried it with a kpi visualization and it works also with a windowavg calculation →

Hopefully this can help you - if you have more questions feel free to ask.


Thank you, Robert - I set it up using the KPI chart and it is now working. I appreciate your insight.

Take care,