August 1 | Powered by Amazon Q: Gen AI/BI | Melbourne, AU

Make data-driven decisions with ML and Generative AI for BI - no code necessary

From exploring data to compiling dashboards, narratives, and even building predictive models - accessible, UI-based tools can help your business analysts generate insights without needing to wait for support from technical teams. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help accelerate and democratize data analysis in your business - including preparing and modelling data with no coding required, and even building full narrative BI dashboards and Generative AI stories. Attendees will learn how Generative AI and other new features have transformed what’s possible in low-code tools like Amazon SageMaker Canvas and Amazon QuickSight.

Throughout the labs you’ll learn how to automate the process of data collection, data preparation, model creation and the consumption and visualization of model insights. Using Sage Maker Canvas, the workshop will allow analysts and builders with little or no machine learning knowledge or programming experience to easily build machine learning pipelines to solve immediate business challenges. We’ll take you through how QuickSight can help product owners and business leaders deliver goals - by providing scalable insights for internal analytics to increase adoption and data-driven decision making, as well as innovating with your data via embedded analytics into applications. You’ll explore data visualization and enriching content through Generative AI capabilities and how Generative AI for BI can facilitate tasks like creating executive summaries or build stories out of dashboards and data.

NOTE: Attendees must bring their own laptops to participate on the hands-on workshops.

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