Autosave and the "Save As" button

Hi all!

After making changes to an analysis with Auto Save OFF, I try to create a new version of my analysis (to save the work) using the “Save As” button. To my surprise, all the changes were lost.

With “Autosave” turned “OFF”, the “Save As” button will save a new analysis without the most recent changes (changes made after toggling Autosave and before hitting Save As).

The expected behavior would be to save all changes to the analysis between the time I turned Autosave OFF and the moment I create a new version of the analysis with the “Save As” button.

As a “workaround”, one must always “Save As” to a new version of an analysis before making any changes.

Yes that’s how it works. If you don’t have Save As on then it will take the latest version from when you saved. Not the current working version.