Aws quicksight command suppress Unknown options: --aws-account-id

Most sub-commands in aws quicksight requires aws-account-id argument. But some don’t and I just want to be able to suppress that aws-account-id argument if the sub-command don’t require it so I don’t get the error. Is there way to suppress that?

Hi @alltej ,

Could you give us
1/ an example of what you are trying to do ?
2/ what you mean by being able to suppress ?

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  1. This runs without errors.

    aws quicksight list-namespaces --aws-account-id 1234
  2. Command below returns Unknown options: --aws-account-id.... Can the cli ignore/suppress this error?

    aws quicksight list-tags-for-resource --aws-account-id 1234

@alltej ,

I would recommend you to follow the help documentation for CLI commands.

aws quicksight list-tags-for-resource help
This would show you the required parameters to be passed. In the above scenario this would be a resource arn .

Example :

list-tags-for-resource -

Lists the tags assigned to a resource.

  See also: AWS API Documentation

[–cli-input-json | --cli-input-yaml]
[–generate-cli-skeleton ]
[–endpoint-url ]

If you initially created a namespace as follows

aws quicksight create-namespace --aws-account-id $a74 --namespace customer3 --identity-store QUICKSIGHT --tags Key=“A”,Value=“B”

List namespace would provide you the details ( eg for customer3)

        "Name": "customer3",
        "Arn": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-central-1:XXXXX:namespace/customer3",
        "CapacityRegion": "eu-central-1",
        "CreationStatus": "CREATING",
        "IdentityStore": "QUICKSIGHT"

Now when you run a list-tags-for-resource with the resource arn , you will see the tags defined

aws quicksight list-tags-for-resource --resource-arn arn:aws:quicksight:eu-central-1:XXXXXXXX:namespace/customer3
“Status”: 200,
“Tags”: [
“Key”: “A”,
“Value”: “B”
“RequestId”: “7f4c1cc3-cb5f-4661-b3db-91236976fa3f”

fyi, I don’t have problem using the cli or the documentation. the elaborated answer did not really answer my question. but thanks!

I don’t think you can ignore/suppress as this information tells you why the command is not working.

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