Azure Databricks Connection

Hello team, I’m attempting to connect to Azure Databricks (not the native Databricks) and am not having any luck. I’m unsure how to proceed with user authentication if we have SSO set up with Windows Azure AD. Has anyone tried integrating QuickSight with Azure Databricks before?

Hi @woliveiras

I didnt tried with Databricks. But shouldnt it be possible to use a database user?
In general if you use a technical user to connect to a database there is no SSO option anyway.


HI @woliveiras
any updates on your side?

Hi @ErikG . Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in connecting my Azure Databricks because they didn’t allow me to create direct users there. however, I set up a Databricks environment in my AWS account and guess what? It worked perfectly, direct users and no SSO options enabled.

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