Bar over bar with 2 measures and a dimension

Hello Everyone,

I’m fairly new to QuickSight and glad I’m here. I have multiple year of experience working with different BI tools like Tableau, Cognos and Power BI. I was trying to create a bar over bar chart with 2 measures and a dimension for my dashboard, but it seems like QuickSight doesn’t support this feature. There is no way to re-size the bar which prevents me to create bar over bar chart as a visualization. Has anyone tried that yet?

I look forward to great insights from the community.


Hi @sacharya - welcome! Can you share a screenshot of what you are trying to create? Is it like a ‘thermometer’ type of visual where one bar chart is thicker than the other (but they both start from 0)?

If so you’re right we dont have ability to control the bar width and make them appear overlaid/within one another. There might be an alternative visual type that we can show the data in a different way though.

Hi Jesse - Thank you!

Yes, I’m trying to create a viz with one measure that is overlaid with the another, but the width is different that helps us analyze both the measures against the same dimension.

I did try different visuals but just wanted to make sure if there was any workaround.


No workarounds for that specifically - would need to use another visual type. Sorry!