Breakout Sessions at AWS re:Invent 2023: QuickSight

BSI204 (LVL 200) Modernize business reporting with Amazon QuickSight

Monday November 27 | 1:30 PM PST | Mandalay - Oceanside C
Learn how you can migrate legacy reporting to the cloud and deliver a unified user experience at scale with Amazon QuickSight. Hear how Topgolf and a multinational manufacturing company consolidated their dashboarding and reporting workloads in QuickSight to lower costs. Also discover how to use the new paginated reporting APIs to automate high-demand workloads.

Guest Speakers: Jesse Jung, Topgolf; Dhanraj Shriyan, 3M
AWS Speaker: @Rahul_Easwar

BSI203 (LVL 200) Enhance your applications with Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics

Monday November 27 | 3:00 PM PST | Mandalay - Jasmine F [Also on SIMULCAST]
In this session, learn how to add interactive insights and differentiate your applications with Amazon QuickSight. Discover how you can embed visualizations, dashboards, and ML-powered natural language query into your applications at scale with no infrastructure to manage. Hear from Extensiv and a multinational life sciences organization about how they are embedding rich analytics into their applications, scaling interactive insights, and authoring capabilities to thousands of users.

Guest Speakers: Ankit Singh, Honeywell Life Sciences; Brian Sevy, Extensiv
AWS Speakers: @jhnjos

BSI207 (LVL 200) Interactive cost reporting with Amazon QuickSight

Monday November 27 | 4:30 PM PST | Mandalay Bay - Islander G
Gain a deeper understanding of cloud spend to create a culture of cost-consciousness and operating efficiently on AWS. In this session, learn how to turn your AWS Cost and Usage Reports into actionable insights with a few clicks with cost and usage dashboards and Amazon QuickSight. Understand key use cases and patterns you can monitor to drive your cost-optimization efforts. Lastly, dive deep on how you can tailor these insights to meet your organization’s needs.

AWS Speaker: @ropujari, @Yuriy, @bowewang

ANT323 (LVL 300) Smarter, faster analytics with Generative AI and ML

Wednesday, November 29 | 5:30 PM PST | Mandalay Bay - Level 2 - South - Oceanside D [Also on SIMULCAST]
Join this session to learn how AWS Analytics’ investments in AI and ML-powered capabilities accelerates data insights, automates tasks, and empowers data professionals to build smarter analytics and GenAI applications. See how our machine-learning powered algorithms optimize workflows to make your applications run faster. Learn about new AI-powered features such as Glue Studio Code Whisperer integration, an AI coding assistant that auto generates code and suggests syntax corrections. We’ll also showcase Generative BI capabilities in Amazon Quicksight to generate, customize, and share compelling visual narratives using natural language prompts.

AWS Speakers: @Kellie_Burton, Kinshuk Pahare

BSI206 (LVL 200) Scale enterprise BI securely with Amazon QuickSight

Tuesday November 28 | 11:00 AM PST | MGM - Grand 120
In this session, learn how BMW uses Amazon QuickSight to integrate BI into their enterprise cloud data strategies. Discover how you can deliver insights to all your users while maintaining security with centralized access management, governed data discovery, and scalable insights. Hear how business users can benefit from QuickSight and integrations with AWS services such as Amazon DataZone, AWS IAM Identity Center, Amazon SageMaker Canvas, AWS Lake Formation, and more.

Guest Speaker: Ruben Simon, BMW
AWS Speakers: @tracyda @SeanBoon

BSI101 (LVL 100) Generative BI in Amazon QuickSight

Wednesday November 29 | 1:00 PM PST | CSR Forum 121 [Also on SIMULCAST]
You can infuse generative AI into how your business users interact with data. In this session, learn how generative BI capabilities in Amazon QuickSight allow business analysts to author dashboards using natural language and how business users can easily dive deep into data by simply asking questions. Discover how business users can also use generative BI capabilities to quickly create compelling stories to drive decision-making, while developers can integrate these capabilities into applications to differentiate and monetize data like never before.

Guest Speakers: Ed Sarausad, Go Daddy; Emily Arevalo, Huron Consulting Group
AWS Speaker: @zacwoodall

BSI205 (LVL 200) What’s new with Amazon QuickSight

Wednesday November 29 | 2:30 PM PST | CSR Forum 121
In this session, learn about all the newly launched capabilities of Amazon QuickSight, including generative AI–powered authoring and storytelling experiences. Explore QuickSight’s tighter integration with embedded applications, richer visualizations, centralized identity management, Amazon SageMaker Canvas integrations, CI/CD workflows, and much more.

AWS Speakers: @bergqdou @Bhasi_Mehta and Neal Cauley

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