Calculated field created using the function "parseJson" and then "replace" is shown as base64 encoded in the dashboard

I’ve created a calculated field called “email” by parsing JSON data using “parseJson” function, and used “replace” function to replace the quotes; Since the email contained quotes.
But the email is now displayed as base64 encoded in the dashboard (but it is getting displayed correctly in the create dataset page)

for example:
"" is displayed as ImF1dG90ZXN0Y29vbGJsdWxveWFsdHkuY29tIg==


Hi, is your dataset stored in QuickSight SPICE?

If so, then you can use parseJson when you are preparing a dataset, but not in a calculated field during analysis. Here you can reference the parseJson doc source.

You will need to create a calculated field in a dataset and make sure it is in string datatype.