% calculation

Hi, I have a doubt. I associate 1 or more topics with each of my Salesforce campaigns. If I wanted to calculate the percentage of topics on the total campaigns, is it correct to count the number of topics/total campaigns thus having a percentage that can exceed 100? Or is it more correct to do topics/count of how many topics were included in the total campaigns, thus having a total = 100%? Because, in my opinion, if I want to have the percentage impact of how many campaigns have that topic on the total, the first solution is correct.

Hello @andreab, it is hard to know exactly based on your use case, but it really just depends what you want to be comparing the number of topics to. If you want to know the number of topics for a single campaign compares to your total number of topics, I think you would want to utilize the 2nd function. Since there are a total number of topics, it wouldn’t make sense for there to be more than 100% of the total. I suppose I’m not sure what you would be expressing to the reader if you were comparing the number of topics in a single campaign compared to the total number of campaigns. I think you should keep the numerator and denominator related to the same comparison value for the best results.