Can I create Numeric dependent filters in quicksight

The requirement is i have a calculated column which has numbers form 0 to 23 representing the hours of the day, Now i want to create three dependent filters on the sheet level, In case if the user selects 2 in the filter one then the second filter should have for the user to select from 3 onwards to 23, and incase if the user selects 3 in the second filter then third filter should have values for the user select from 4 to 23. How can i achieve this, is it possible to do so in quicksight ?

Hello @Anjali-reddy , welcome to the Quicksight community!

The way you have described this is similar to cascading filters but for your use case I’m not sure that it will work.

Is there a reason in your use case that you want these to have independent filter objects on your besides that you want the reader to choose times in ascending order? A work around I would suggest is using a dropdown - multiselect so that your user can choose multiple times at once.

Hi @duncan,
Thanks for the reply.

The calculated column which contains numbers 0 to 23 is the 24 hour format which is used for the shift calculations of the workers. The use case is to create dynamic filtering for the user to select the timing of the shifts. The workers work in 9 hours per day, but all the workers do not have a specific shift timings like 9 to 6 or 10 to 7 for example. Now, the requirement is the first dropdown would be the in-time for first shift workers and second dropdown would be the out-time for the first shift workers and also the second dropdown would be the in time for the second shift workers, the third dropdown would be the out time for the second shift workers and also in-time for the third shift workers, then again the first dropdown should be the out-time for the third shift workers.

Could you please help out achieving this requirement.

Hey @Anjali-reddy !

What I think you will need to do is replicate your calculated column three times so that you can create three separate parameters from it: HourChoice1, HourChoice2, and HourChoice3.

Then you can create a semi cascading filter system on the visuals by creating filter conditions with your parameters:

You will replicate this filter three time and each parameter sequentially, so your last filter will say: Filter Condition: Greater Than
Parameter Choice: ${Hour2}