Can i use single dimension to relate multiple fact tables?

Hi, I need to show number of Orders delivered and number of Orders placed by single month axis?
Instead of having separate columns for Order month and Delivered month in my dataset, can i build something like a month table and relate it both delivered date and order date?

What does your dataset look like?

I’m guessing this will need to be done in SQL.

If i have data coming from data source like below table , can i create a single visual by month to show both Ordered Quantity and Delivered Quantity ?

I think you would need to do this in SQL.

Essentially you would create a calendar dataset and then make a separate query that groups the ordered and delivered quantity down to counts over months and join on the months.

I don’t think this can be achieved strictly from QuickSight

You could also separate these two dates into separate datasets and join on the month.

Hi @Manohar1, We hope Max’s suggestion worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking Max’s answer as a “Solution.”