Cannot give logical table map a data set ARN as a source via CLI/Cloudformation


We use AWS CLI and CloudFormation to launch QuickSight assets, and we ran into an issue I wanted to give feedback on.

On the documention for using CLI with QuickSight, it says that a logical table map in a dataset can be given a “DataSetArn” as the source. This is what we’re trying to do, we’d like to left join in another dataset’s data into our new one. However, when we try to specify a DataSetArn under source, we get the following error:

Unknown parameter in LogicalTableMap.QtrHrSalesTable.Source: “DataSetArn”, must be one of: JoinInstruction, PhysicalTableId

This contradicts the documentation, which says that DataSetArn is a valid parameter for a logical table map. This should either be fixed so that we can use DataSetArn as a parameter or removed from the documentation.