Cannot select the aggregate from dropdown available options

The question seems silly but I am experiencing this window cut issue, the other options SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT can not be selected. I tried to drag down but it is not working at least to me. I created other visuals before for other dataset. It appeared once but gone later but it is not going away. Is it because I have chosen 4 measures for one visual(line graph)? Kindly answer it ASAP.

hi @rkhan,

I have been trying to reproduce the issue on my env, but I am failing. when I create one visual with 4 measures and try to change the aggregation of the measure, the sub menu shows with the same height as the main menu like the below.

what browser are you using with?

I created calculated fields to deal with this issue

I tried using chrome but facing the same issue. only top measure opens the right window. I forgot to mention that I am working on laptop not desktop.

@rkhan - I am also unable to replicate the scenario at my end. As a quick workaround, can you try to Zoom out [Ctrl + - (minus)] and see if that helps you to do the relevant selections. Definitely not a recommended approach, but trying to provide some developer hacks from my own experience. Let me know if this helps!

Thank you for the reply. It was already resolved. I donot know how but it is now working normal on chrome.

Thanks @rkhan for your response. Given that now the problem is solved, can you please close this thread marking the relevant post as solution.