Can't not display the custom value in the line chart

I need to show the actual compliance value instead of Average value in the chart, I use the sumover function below to calculate the actual compliance value. But I got the error when I add the compliance value in the “Value Fields”? Do you know what’s the reason and how to solve the issue?
Compliance = sumover(avg({DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}),[{super region},{sub-super region},region,{sub-super region},{route station},{route_first_day_of_month}])/sumover(avg({DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count}),[{super region},{sub-super region},region,{sub-super region},{route station},{route_first_day_of_month}])

Hi @Li_Yang , thank you for your question. We are reaching out to our experts to get you a reply.

Try passing them in a PRE_AGG argument.

sumOver(({DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}),[{super region},{sub-super region},region,{sub-super region},{route station},{route_first_day_of_month}],PRE_AGG)/sumOver(({DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count}),[{super region},{sub-super region},region,{sub-super region},{route station},{route_first_day_of_month}],PRE_AGG)

Hi Max,

Thank you very much! It works! Only thing is the value is aggregated automatically. The reason I use the sumover is to have an actual value instead of aggregation. Do you know if it is possible to get actual value on the chart? The actual calculation is {DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}/ {DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count}

Why does {DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}/ {DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count} not work?

When I use the calculation above and put it in the value field, it aggregates automatically. I don’t want any aggregation list from the Value field, I just want to show the actual result of calculation from {DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}/ {DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count}.

It needs to be an aggregation if it’s a value.

You are grouping by categories and/or a date field. So it’s doing the aggregation over those two. Do you want it to be over everything and not grouped? Having it over everything will still be an aggregation.

Hi Max,
Thanks for your explanation, it is really helpful! I used the function sumover(avg({DSP_SUM_YES_Total_count}),[{route_first_day_of_month}])/sumover(avg({DSP_SUM_DSP_Total_Count}),[{route_first_day_of_month}]), it works for my chart.

That’s great. I’ll mark Max’s response as a solution. Please let us know if you have any further questions on this.