Changing values within a visual

I’m relatively new to QS and have built a dashboard with several visuals. One visual displays a calculation. Right now, it’s displaying static information (from a previous year’s calculation). Is it possible to allow a user to change a value within a visual in order to adjust the calculation?

As an example, right now the user may see the following:
Cost A: $3
Cost B: $1
Cost C: $5
Total Cost: $9

I’d like a user to be able to change any of the three costs in order to get a new total cost. This example is overly simplified but (hopefully) gets my point across. I can research options, I just don’t know of which AWS service is needed, if any, to make this happen.

Any thoughts? Thank you.


this manual modification in data is not support. All BI tools plays with read only data.

Naveed Ali

Hi Naveed,

Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate your insight here.


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