Clarification of Costs

Hi @meow,

For SPICE the only cost is the per GB charge. SPICE can be queried as much as you want without any additional charges. :slight_smile:

If the data in SPICE needs to be refreshed with new data, then you are interacting with the underlying data source to do the refresh e.g. Athena + S3… then you will be charged for that query. However this will be a single query to load all the data in to SPICE on each refresh (incremental refresh is also an option), and not multiple queries like you have if using it as a Direct Query dataset.

For example you can see here I have a SPICE dataset in QuickSight using an Athena Data Source, it is set to refresh every hour, so there is one query an hour, that incurs a small amount of cost.

If this was a direct query data set there would be many queries to Athena for each dashboard load.

Hope that helps.