ConcatOver / ListAgg (Aggregate fields enumerating values / concat values)

Is there a easy way to have a concatOver function?

From here:
1 || A
2 || A
3 || B
4 || C
5 || C
6 || C

I would like to get, in a pivot table grouped by company_id, something like this:
A || ‘1, 2’
B || ‘3’
C || ‘4, 5, 6’


Hi @albertocalle,

Are we looking to concat the row value for each product into a single column value and then group them by the company?


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Hi @albertocalle, We have this on our roadmap however in the interim you may have to push this calculation down to database leveraging listagg function.
I am marking my reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved or you need additional help on this. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!


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I was already pushing down to the database (using listagg), but it would be great to operate it in quicksight to use filters and controls. Good to know it is in the roadmap and looking forward to see it coming soon, thanks!

Create your new column next to the concatenating values in the Pivot table. In the first row (below your new column label) insert your concatenation formula referring to the cells of the Pivot table. Drag down to fill the formula beyond the last row of the Pivot table.