Connecting to freshedw data

Can anyone help me understand how to connect to data? I have a job that I am wanting to load the output into QS to build a dash. I don’t see how/where to connect to our DB and there is no option to connect a text file which is what datanet writes to

If you click on new dataset it will bring you to the data sources page.

From there you can create a data source.

Hi - There is no option for txt or to connect to freshedw.

My situation is that I have a datanet job whos output I need to load into QS

Those are the supported formats for now.

Can you transform your txt into a csv or json?

In the future I would recommend looking at Amazon Athena if you want to be able to continually write/update your data. Athena will allow you to query S3 with different types of files and has a native integration with QuickSight

Is there no way to have a job in datanet and access that data in QS?

If I convert txt into csv that requires manual work, there has to be a way to do this automatically?

Edit: Oh I think I understand you are suggesting to have my datanet job output to S3 and then pull from there in QS?

yes. I would suggest outputting it it s3. That way you can add/edit/overwrite ext… to your data and be able to still query with like a refresh schedule.

Makes sense, thanks!

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