Counting total options selected as independent values

Hello I am new to creating dashboards. I have a continuous survey where individuals are able to make multiple selections for one question. I was wondering, am I able to create a parameter that just counts each selection independently rather than count every response that is different? I have 7 options to choose from that I would like data to reflect, rather than the 20 something that it’s showing in the graph.


What countries have you been to?

  1. US
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
  4. Italy
  5. Indonesia

Data Set:

US, Canada
Indonesia, Canada
Canada, Mexico, Italy
US, Italy, Indonesia
Mexico, Italy, Indonesia

I would want to know how many visited each country, but not how many variations of each.

Some ideas I have:

  1. Separate the multiple values by column and count the columns that aren’t null
  2. Separate the multiple values by column and use PIVOT to see table by country and apply the count by that
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@wirkuty , let us know if @awhaibe response answered your questions. If so, please help the community out by marking this answer as “Solution!”

You can also explore contain function to find a matching country and then count accordingly for each country.

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