Custom action won't publish to dashboard

I have a custom navigation action that passes values from a table to parameters using a menu option. It works as expected in the analysis, but when I publish it to the dashboard it doesn’t show up. Following the documentation here Repairing custom actions - Amazon QuickSight I went back and looked for an error, but there is no error message on the action and since I’m back in the analysis it works fine again. I have tried publishing it several times over the course of the day and same issue each time.

Hi, Can you plz check if ‘Enable on-click tooltip’ option while publishing to dashboard is disabled? you will be able to see that under ‘Advanced publish options’ while publishing to dashboard.

Hi, yes on-click tooltip is currently enabled

Hi, Can you please confirm on below items?

  • Do you see the menu when you right click on the chart/visual from dashboard or is it that the menu shows but the option to navigate does not appear?
  • Have you tried changing the navigation to ‘Select’ instead of menu and does that work from dashboard?
  • Which browser are you trying this from? Are you able to try this from a browser different than what you are currently using and see how it responds?

Thank you!! I can’t believe I spent so much time on this. Weeks before I added the action I hid the context menu, then completely forgot about it. Sorry to have wasted your time.