Custom Aggregation Workaround

Hi , The Custom aggregation field is not allowed as a dimension. Is there any workaround to show the entire population aggregation?

I am trying to show the % of fields that report a Y and the percentage that show a No:

ifelse(sumOver(sum(x), [name])>= sum(Y) OR sumOver((sum(x), [name]))>= avg(y) , “No”, “Yes”)

Hello @JulianneC , welcome to the QuickSight community!

To be sure about your expectation, you want to apply this to a visual to show how how much of another metric or value fall into the “Yes” or “No” buckets?

You should be able to add that calculation to a table and QuickSight will return the values “Yes” or “No” in the row if the conditions are met.

Hello @JulianneC !

Are you still working on this issue or have you found a solution?

Hello @JulianneC !

Since we have not heard back from you this topic is being archived.

That being said, if you still need help or have a new question please feel free to post a new topic so that your question is a priority for our community experts!