Customising settings in "Prepare for printing" dialog

The “Prepare for printing” dialog has default settings for paper size (US Letter) and paper orientation (Landscape). I could not find a place where this can be changed, neither the whole account nor on dashboard level, which is a pity because in Central Europe the default paper size is not US Letter.
Do you know if it is possible to change this and if yes how?

Hello @bernhard.boehm !

To clarify, none of the paper size options in the drop down meet your use case?

If so I can mark this as a feature request.

@duncan Thanks for your reply. Apologies, I see how my message was lacking an important part. We have some users who regularly print pages. In our case they are our B2B customers who use our embedded solution. They have to change the settings in both dropdown menus every time they want to print a report.
It would be great if I as admin could decide on dashboard-level or on account-level that printing should be on an A4 page in portrait format.

Hey @bernhard.boehm !

To my knowledge and what I found in the embedding SDK, that is not possible at this time. I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!