Daily change of funds with balance

I need to know the “daily change of funds” and the “daily amount of available balance” and for that im using a clustered bar combo chart. Tried runningsum and periodOverPeriodDifference functions to be able to have the “daily change of funds” in bars and the balance in one line but my results are not what I was expecting(the chart is correct, but the data is not):

periodOverPeriodDifference(sum({Transaction Amount}),{Transaction Date}, DAY, 1)

sum({Transaction Amount}),
[truncDate(“DD”,{Transaction Date}) ASC]

Does anyone have a solution for this?


Thank you for reaching out. Can you provide an example of the data that you are using at the source (is it individual transactions?) and the aggregate structure you want for the chart (is it a daily number you want for each data point in the chart?)


@SeanBoon Its individual transactions. I want the difference(amount of transactions from that day) between the previous day and the current day to appear in the bars. In my head its something simple, just have to sum the amount(in transactions) from a day and subtract one day from the other, but I’m not able to put that in any function Quicksight gives me.

What are you expecting to see versus what you are getting?

Is the periodOverperiodDifference off?

In a table can you show the sum of transaction amounts for each day and then the periodOverperiodDifference as well as the running sum versus what you are expecting.