Data doesn't seem to be updated correctly

Till 14th Feb, 2022 my overall axiom score was 68 with 56 in RO and I was leading in my team but when it got refreshed on 17 th Feb, suddenly the RO became 0 which seems to be incorrect as my total case count for the period of 19 th Jan, 2022 to 17 th Feb, 2022 was 608 and Reopen count was 81 which is 13.32 percent. Moreover, my RO was much better then the rest of the team for last 3 weeks(same time period, week 3 - 6.71%, 4- 10.88%, 5- 3.90%) only in week 6 it was little bad then the rest of the team though the overall RO for these 4 weeks was 10.85 percent. I really don’t understand how the RO fell down to 0 from 56 when the actual data is saying it should not.

Hi Anirban, Thank you for connecting us. The issue looks like something related to the specific dashboard that you are using. You may need to contact the author of the dashboard.