Data less than 30 should be highlighted with **

Hi community, So when the base of the dataset is less than 30 then i have highlight the base with ** and the remaining attributes should be null , when the base is in between 30 to 60 then i have to highlight the base with just one * and the data should be visible.
How do I achieve it?
Attaching an image for your reference

Hi @Vysh27
what do you mean by “base”? Do you mean the corresponding date field?

Yes , It’s one of the attributes
Attributes is a data field

first I would create a calculated field.

something like:

ifelse(dateDiff({base},now(),"DD"<=30,"**",dateDiff({base},now(),"DD">30 AND dateDiff({base},now(),"DD"<=60,"*","")

With that field you can do a conditional formating or create a new base field.

Hi @Vysh27 ,

Checking in. Does suggestion provided by Erik helped to solve the usecase ?
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