Data not persisting for Filters between different visits even when the StatePersistenceEnabled=true

I am trying to embed the Dashboard using the AWS .NET SDK in my .NET Application.
I have generated the Dashboard URL using the GetDashboardEmbedUrlAsync method `passing the StatePersistenceEnabled = true.

API Used : GetDashboardEmbedUrl - Amazon QuickSight

I then Embed the URL generated above in an IFrame following the details here.
Embedding Code using SD2.0 Step 3: Embed the dashboard URL - Amazon QuickSight

As I have StatePersistenceEnabled true I was hoping my filter selection persist between Dashboard visits but it is not happening as expected.

Note : I am not using GenerateDashboardEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser instead using the same old GetDashboardEmbedUrlAsync API.

I expected it to work with Old API too as mentioned in the API description about the state persistence.

Hello @shubhanshu.rastogi, welcome to the QuickSight community! What are you using for the IdentityType in your request? Is it IAM, QuickSight, or Anonymous? If you are using Anonymous, I think the functionality would not work as expected since there would not be a previous state to reference in order for the state persistence to work.

If that is not the case, we can try to figure out something else that could be causing this issue.

Hello @shubhanshu.rastogi, I wanted to follow up on this question since I have not heard back from you. If we don’t receive a response in 3 days I will unlist this topic from the community. Otherwise, please reach out with information regarding my questions above and I will try to guide you towards a solution. Thank you!