Data refresh issue


I created a new dataset using a xlsx file; however, when I try to schedule a refresh time, the option “ADD NEW SCHEDULE” is disabled and shows a message indicating:

File datasets can’t be refreshed because files never change after they’ve been uploaded.

Is there a way to use xlsx files and refresh them?

Hi, if you uploaded the file manually, then you cannot schedule a refresh. Please see the documentation here. You can instead use an S3 source for the file and then set a refresh schedule.

" To refresh SPICE datasets, QuickSight must independently authenticate using stored credentials to connect to the data. QuickSight can’t refresh manually uploaded data—even from S3 buckets, even though it’s stored in SPICE—because QuickSight doesn’t store its connection and location metadata. If you want to automatically refresh data that’s stored in an S3 bucket, create a dataset by using the S3 data source card."

To manually update the existing file, you can click on the data set so it opens in the editor, and then select Update File from the dataset menu.
Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 5.49.05 PM