Dataset concatenation

I have 2 datasets that have the same field names but no appropriate field to join one to the other to. The first dataset represents “failures” and the other shows “successes”. I want to combine them to find the percentage of “successes” out of the total. How can I do this?

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Can you try to do a full outer join between the two datasets? Joining data - Amazon QuickSight

I tried that and it did not work correctly

If your data source supports sql, you can use Custom SQL like so:


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I should add, If there’s no column already in the table to distinguish a success from a failure (I doubt there is since they’re in two separate tables), you’ll want to do something like this:

select 1 as “SorF”, * from successes
Union all
select 0 as “SorF”, * from failures

This way you’ll know if there’s a 1 in that field, it was a success. It will make your intended use easier down the line so you can sum({SorF}) to get total number of successes.