Dataset filter overexcluding

I would like to apply a dataset filter to remove a set of data. The field I want to filter is a string, and when I used a custom list filter, it excluded about 2/3 of my dataset instead of a handful of information. I trialed filtering on different values within the field. Filtering works fine for some values and not others. I can’t determine a trend for what works and what doesn’t.

I also tried using a list filter with ‘contains’ and got similar results. Is there some workaround that could improve the filter? There are defined key words that should work. This field does have multiple word values (i.e. a space) and I’m wondering if that is contributing to the issue.

The result when the filter does not work properly is no data populates.

Hi @SYork, thanks for reaching out. It sounds something not right here, can you send some more details, e.g. what are the column values? screenshot of what filter rules you are using? and what data is being unexpectedly excluded.
Let’s see if we can find some root cause for you. Thanks!

Hi @SYork ,

Are you still facing this issue? If so, can you share the details Emily requested?


Hi Emily,

Not sure what changed, but it is now working. While I ran into the issue multiple times over the last few months, everything worked perfectly today.

@SYork So glad to hear that this resolved for you. I will mark this as Solved, but do let us know (and remove the Solved mark) if you see this issue again. Thanks!