Date Range Issue

Hi everyone.

I just had weird issue with Date Range filter selection. Once when I will open the Filter and I choose 01/09/2022 (date format is DD/MM/YYYY) and As of Date 30/09/2022 it’s working fine. But if i just click again on Start date it’s changing the date to 09/01/2022 (09 January 2022) and if i click again in the box it’s changing to 01 September 2022.

Here is a screenshot so you can see what i’m talking about.

HI @mbmkd88 ,

We would like to test this from our end.
Can you please share sample data set and screenshot of this filter configuration.
And are you using any specific format for date field in the data preparation ?

Recording 2022-10-14 at 16.55.00
I have added recording as gif animation just to see how it’s behave.

Hi @Ashok,

Did you take a look on my last comment? Is there anyone who will take a look on this issue and maybe to have some ETA for the fix?

Thank you very much