Dec 13 -- QuickSight Author Workshop Immersion Day (online) -- 2nd Wednesday of each Month

Do you want to learn how to build dashboards in Amazon QuickSight? Join us for our QuickSight Author Workshop Immersion Day.

QuickSight Author Workshop Immersion Day (6 hrs)
Our QuickSight Solution Architects will walk you through how to get started learning the basics of connecting to data, building visuals, creating calculations, designing interactivity, leveraging ML, and sharing dashboards. If you are new to QuickSight or looking to build advanced calculations in QuickSight, this workshop is for you. It will provide step by step instructions to grow your dashboard building skills from basic to advanced level. Check out the workshop syllabus.

2nd Wednesdays of each month, 9:30 AM PST:
Dec 13. Register now!

Interested in learning about Q, Admin or Embedding?
We also have rotating Immersion Days on specific topics (such as Q, Admin, and Embedding), taking place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Learn about our QuickSight Rotating Workshop Immersion Days.

Interested in online Immersion Days in Europe and IST-friendly time zones? Europe / IST Online Immersion Days are held the last Wednesday of each month, 9 AM - 3:30 PM BST. Learn more and sign up.

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