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Hello Team ,

I have 2 graph

1st : displaying rule hit count and rule name
2nd : I want to display the hourly distribution because of the rule name with highest hit

How can i do it

please help

@ErikG - Please help on this one sorry to bother

Hi @deepa.singh
what exactly is the issue?
What time granularity do you have? Do you have some sample data?

Transaction date and time Rule Name Execution status
4/4/2024 15:59 ABC FALSE
4/5/2024 15:59 DBA TRUE
4/6/2024 15:59 GHT TRUE
4/7/2024 15:59 ABC FALSE
4/8/2024 15:59 DBA TRUE
4/9/2024 15:59 DBA FALSE

So rule name for which execution status is True , thats a rule hit .

I want the case where rule hit has the highest count that rule hit hourly distribution is shown on other graph which has hourly data

@ErikG - Here is the sample data


I didn’t understand what you want to display.
Could you please tell me how the charts will look like for the given data? So we can find how it can be achievable in QS

So 1st chart will display rule name and count where there enhanced rule status is true for top 10 values okay

And in second chart i want out of those top 10 top 1 rule name data and how many times it was true in each hour window . The hour window can be calculated using date and time field .

@deepa.singh still not sure if I understand. Can you draw it or share screenshot.

@neelay – Please review the screenshot attached already when question was asked . 1st one has the count of rule name and count
2nd one is the hourly distribution

this is how i get rule hit count

@ErikG – Please review the above comments

Hi @deepa.singh
what you are missing is the top10 and the hour windows?

We have hour window i just want data for top 1 Rule hit . and how to ensure that it is the Number is not restricted to top 1

@ErikG @neelay please review this