Direct Query with snowflake along with calculated field at Quicksight end is causing high latency on dashboard load

Hi Community,

I have dashboard which takes very long time to load + timeouts on most occasions.

I am calling View in snowflake from Quicksight as “Direct Query”. View takes approx ~30 seconds when we ran the view directly on snowflake workspace. But for snowflake dashbaord overall it take ~ 5 mins to load the entire dashboard.

I have created calculated fields to display Widgets. We have filters and also parameters.

So , We are not able to determine where to optimize in this case as when we shift from direct query to SPICE then dashboard loads without much latency (~15 sec approx) , But our use case does not allow us to live with SPICE we have to connect with snowflake to meet requirements. Looking for suggestions


Thank you for reaching out. The comparison with SPICE isn’t going to really help us troubleshoot the scenario since that option removes Snowflake entirely, except for the import. Are you able to do a trace in Snowflake when you load the dashboard in QuickSight to see the total set of calls that are made to Snowflake when the dashboard is being loaded?