Disable widget size editing in the Dashboard

Hello everyone,
when hovering on the widget inside the dashboard, you can edit the size of the widgets (x axis and y axis sizes).
Is there a way to disable widget editing in the QuickSight dashboard?
Thank you!

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Hello @tomer , welcome to the QuickSight Community! Are you talking about the data zoom feature that appear in any visual with an X and Y axis? There is a checkbox in the editing panel that allows you to turn that off. See image below:


Here is a picture of what the bar looks like to confirm this is what you are referring to:


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Hey @DylanM ,
First of all, thanks for your comment!
No, my problem is with widget sizing.
When published, you can edit the size of the widget, and I want to disable that option.

I publish it like this, and below you can see the edited version:

Thank you!

Hello @tomer, are you talking about the ability for the user to adjust the size of the display when it is published? If so, this is a QuickSight feature that cannot be disabled within the Dashboard.

Hey @DylanM,
Yes, that’s what i asked about.
Thanks a lot anyway.