Disabling "Recent" for Readers in Embedding

Question from a customer:

“We have a couple dashboards embedded that our users can access through an authenticated site. Since they don’t have to use two factor authentication to log into the QuickSight console I don’t want them to be able to see the dashboards there. I know there is an option to configure SSO for login to the console but we don’t have it set up. I turned off “make this dashboard discoverable in quicksight” for every shared dashboard, which worked great at first glance. But once my reader account accessed the embedded dashboard on our authenticated site it showed up in QuickSight under “Recent” even though I still can’t see it under “Dashboards”. Is there a way for me to turn off our reader’s access to “Recent”?”

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Would you be able to do dashboard embedding rather than QuickSight console embedding like it sounds like you are?

You can see more about the differences in embedding here:

Sorry I can see how it sounded like I was doing console embedding, I am not. It’s using dashboard embedding. My issue is if they log into the quicksight console not embedded, just at quicksight.aws.amazon.com. When they log into the website where we have the dashboards embedded I’m ok with them seeing the dashboards because you have to use two factor authentication to get into that site. But logging in at quicksight.aws.amazon.com does not require two factor authentication so I don’t wish for them to be able to access dashboards there. Since I toggled off “make this dashboard discoverable in quicksight” the dashboards don’t appear under the Dashboards tab. But unfortunately they still appear under the Recent tab since the user recently viewed the dashboard on the site where it is embedded.

I see. Can you turn on MFA in QuickSight: Using multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight?

There isn’t a way currently to disable the “Recent” view of dashboards within the QuickSight console

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