Display Revenue per Unit

Hey folks. I’m new to QuickSight and I can’t seem to figure out or find the answer for my current situation:

I’ve got a dataset that contains two number fields: Revenue and Miles. I’m using SPICE feeding from a PostgreSQL database for this particular dataset. Basically my aim is to provide a visual that displays revenue per mile. It’d be a bonus if I could do something like revenue per mile per customer.

Is there a way for me to accomplish this simply in QuickSight?

Thanks for reading

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Hi @joeyu629 - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting your question. I believe you can create a calculated field and achieve this. Please see the sample documentation below -Adding calculated fields - Amazon QuickSight

Also please share sample screenshot of your input and expected output so that as a community we can guide you right solution.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hey Sanjeeb, I took a look at the link you shared and didn’t realize you can have aggregate functions in analyses only – this helps greatly. I can use these calculated fields to achieve what I want. Thank you!

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Glad to hear that @joeyu629 . Can you please mark the suggestion as “solution” so that it will help to other community members.

Have a great week ahead.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi all! I am marking the referenced solution. Of course, @joeyu629 feel free to uncheck the solution and circle back to use here if any additional questions come up. Thx! :slight_smile: