Displaying Only First Attempt Data

Working with a dataset that captures user quiz data for multiple questions. The user can take multiple attempts at the quiz questions.

Captured data fields include:

  • User email
  • Quiz question
  • Quiz attempt date and time stamp (MMM D, YYYY h:mm:ss A)
  • Response time (seconds)
  • Score / results

Looking to understand if it is possible to only display the first attempt of the quiz questions in the analysis and not display attempts 2, 3, etc.

Hello @jtuten ,
You can try to do a select the min quiz attempt date for each quiz question using the rank function:
order_ranking= rank([quiz_question_date ASC],[Quiz_question])
After that, filter by order_ranking=1 and you will see only the first answers.


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Thank you, @JoseB-aws!

with rank([{quiz_attempt_ts}ASC],[{quiz_title}]) I am getting the ranked order for each quiz question by their date and time stamp, but I would also like to see the ranking reset for each user.

In other words, I want to know the first attempt of each question, per user. Let me know if you have any recommendations to help solve this.