Does deleting a QuickSight account release SPICE capacity?

Hello QuickSight folks! Need some help regarding SPICE capacity.

My issue is related to this thread:

Whereas the answer was:

We are seeing SPICE table clean up issue when customers breach the SPICE capacity during dataset edit. Make sure to include your AWS account id and reg…

We were thinking of just deleting the QS account instead of going through the support and all. But we’re not sure if it will release the SPICE capacity if we delete and we get a fresh one when we recreate? Thanks!

Hi @kescosia

Sorry you are going through this trouble with your evaluation. This behavior should not be occurring as this was fixed back in 2021. Best approach is to create a support ticket. Before you do that we can go through the below.

1- I am curious if maybe there are other datasets from other authors consuming the space. Have you checked via the asset manager to ensure there were no datasets created by other users?

2- If there are no other datasets and space is still consumer, in theory unsubscribing and resubscribing should clear out all data. If in a rush and have nothing to loose i would try this approach.

Ultimately though please create a support ticket as we’d love to have a record of the incident, dig into what happened and ensure there are no regressions of any kind.

Ramon Lopez