Dynamic Default for parameters for multiple data sources

I am trying to schedule a report containing views created using different data sources. Is there a way to add a dynamic default condition across the entire tab for all views from different data sources and mail the report.

Hello @Sidhaarth thanks for your question. I assume you are asking about using parameter defaults with multiple datasets right?

You shouldn’t have problems to achieve this. Defining defaults for parameters its an independent process from applying those values on the filters these parameters are associated with.

For the filtering you can choose to apply that filter (custom filter associated with the parameter) to all applicable visuals:

This will basically cause that any visual tied to a dataset that contains a field with the same name and type, this actually creates a field mapping between the fields of those two (or more) datasets. You have more info about this here.

Hope it helps, please mark this solution as solved if that’s the case also to help other members of the community., otherwise let us know.

Happy dashboarding!

Thanks Enrique… The query I had was relevant to personalised mail using a parameter filter predefined for a user. But will go through this

Have agreat day!