Dynamic Selection of Dataset


I have a requirement where a user can select a single value from a filter. This filter can have 3 possible values v1, v2 and v3. Now when a user selects v1 from the filter my queries from Quicksight should be routed to data source DS1, selecting v2 should route queries to DS2 and V3 should direct them to DS3.

All these data sources have same table structures but with different values at different grains.

One solution I can think of is to have data from all these data sources into one single table or data source and have an extra column which can be used in WHERE clause based on the filter value selected.

Is there a better/faster way to achieve this?

Hi @NeerajGautam

Currently the best way is to consolidate data in a single table/view and apply the filter to restrict the data based on the user selection .


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Hi @apjvinod

Thanks for looking into it.

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