Dynamic value selected across dashboard


I was looking to get some advice on a dashboard I am designing.

For reference, our dataset is a list of documents created by our clients. each line will be a new document and contain the systemuser that created them, the company they belong to and what industry that company operates as. here is a rough example:

Document 1 - Systemuser1 - Company 1 - Industry
Document 2 - Systemuser1 - Company 1 - Industry
Document 1 - Systemuser1 - Company 2 - Industry
Document 2 - Systemuser1 - Company 2 - Industry

The idea is that a user would select a Company from the control bar and it will show you how many doc drafted, types of document etc, this is the easy part. The part I am struggling with is that we would also like it to identify the selected companies industry, and show how they compare against all other companies in the same industry.

Does anyone have any idea how I could make this work? - I have played around with the parameters and cannot see an easy way to do this.

Many Thanks,

I would look to make aggregations that use the PRE_FILTER condition.

An example could be:

sum({sales}) / sum(sumOver({sales},[{client_id}],PRE_FILTER))