Email reporting: images added as attachments and not inline

Hi all,

It seems like Quicksight is currently adding images as attachments for email reports sendouts:

Content-Type: application/png; name=logo.png
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=logo.png
Content-ID: <logo.png>

As I understand the Content-Disposition field should be set on inline instead, and this is why I get all images added as attachments instead of being shown in the body.
I tried this with Thunderbird and Spark Email and it was the same for both. Only Gmail was displaying the images in the body anyway.
Is there any chance to have Quicksight using the inline setting so that it works with all email clients, please?

I tried changing the email options and as of now the only way I have to make the email sendout option useful is to send out the PDF report with no dashboard in the body, but this is sub-optimal (and besides there can be other quirks, I had to set the font size in my KPIs to Medium, since using Auto would make some unreadable).

Thank you.

Thank you Massi for raising this, we have taken note of this request and will be triaging this.