Error while using aggregate as a parameter

Getting error “Expression = 0.99, sumOver(min({day_duration}), {case_id_str}) for function = has incorrect argument type List = Decimal. Function syntax expects ‘<COMPARABLE_TYPE> = <COMPARABLE_TYPE>’.”
For below calculation = ifelse(${Aggregate} = 0.99, sumOver(min({day_duration}), {case_id_str}),0)

Hi @Made_Enny,

The error indicates that the parameter ${Aggregate} is of type list while you try to compare it to a decimal. To do the comparison in the way described in the expression, ${Aggregate} needs to be a single value parameter.

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Thanks yes the parameter has multiple values. How do i modify this to my calculated filter has this is needed for my calculated field

Not sure if I fully understood. If you want to change it to a single-value parameter, you would have to delete and re-create a new single-value parameter. If you require a multi-value parameter for you filters or controls, you cannot use it within the described calculated field.

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