EU WFS Kondo Schedule Dashboard

Hi Everyone,

I am a L3 L&D Trainer and my access to EU WFS Kondo Schedule Dashboard does not work. (Seeing on what dates and how many New hires we can expect on site) I have the right permissions. I can access other dashboards on QuickSight, but this one doesn’t work.

Can anyone please support to fix it?

Hello Eva,

Welcome to the QuickSight Community !

I am not aware of any EU WFS Kondo Dashbaord manged by QuickSight Community. It must be your internal Dashboard.

Please check with the owner or admin of the Dashboard for necessary access.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Deep,

Thank you for you comment.
How can I find out who the owner is?
My manager said he raised a ticket and it should work, but it doesn’t.

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Hello @Eva and @Deep !

@Eva are you still having trouble with this problem, or were you are able to find a solution? If you were able to find a solution could you post it to help the community?

Ultimately, the admin or author of the dashboard is the only person that can grant you access to individual dashboards.

Hi. I have unlisted this question, since this is a public forum.

@Eva, let us know if you got the help that you needed. For internal only questions (like the names of internal dashboard owners), I would follow the process on the internal QuickSight wiki.

We encourage you to continue posting your public-facing questions here.

I will private message you some details on how to get the info you need. Thanks!