Execute a Snowflake Stored Procedure from QuickSight Dashboard using Filter values as Parameter

I need to execute a stored procedure in snowflake from a quick sight dashboard. The parameters for Procedure call statement in QS dashboard is dynamically updated with the values set in the Control Filters. See attached screenshot for more insight.

Is there a way to accomplish this ? Any kind of workaround suggestion please.

Note that the procedure takes parameter from two filter dropdown values. In Image it is set to All, output table created after the successful execution of procedure will be used as source data for another visualization/dashboard.

Hi puspabista,

It is not possible to execute a stored procedure in snowflake from a QuickSight dashboard.

To get around this you can add your stored procedure logic to QuickSight. First you need to remove all instances of parameters from your stored procedure logic. Then you would need to create calculated fields to replace any fields in your stored procedure that use those parameters. Finally you would need to replace any filters in your stored procedure logic with filters in QuickSight.

If there is other logic that your stored procedure uses these parameters for, let me know. Those are the two cases I thought of that could be resolved with QuickSight.