Feature requests - search by **DataSetId** and filter on failed spice refreshes


For the QuickSight team…

On the home screen, using the “Find analyses & more” search box…

Would it be feasible/beneficial to return a result based on a match of the data_set_id, dashboard_id, data_source_id, analysis_id, etc.

I’m referring to the DataSetId, which is part of the URL string, and found in your documentation;

My use case is, i have many daily jobs that run to refresh spice data sets, and sometimes they fail on various athena errors - so I need to manually refresh it. I just click on a random data set, then paste it in the URL to find what I need. It’s not horrible, but seems like it could be an easy enhancement.


One other feature i would love to see, would be a way to quickly filter on data sets which had their most recent spice refresh fail. Then i could just filter to all “failures” to find them and refresh them manually as needed.

I would be happy to send these and future enhancement requests directly on email as well. So please let me know if that’s preferred and if there’s a good email address.


Hi Matt, thank you for sharing this feedback. I have noted the first feature interest in our internal feature request tracker.

As for the other feature, you can access your QuickSight metrics within CloudWatch and find all your spice failed ingestions.

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